Top trends of BRIDAL DRESSES for 2021!

Trends in wedding dresses for this year?
What trends in wedding dresses can we expect in 2021? While last year the wedding trend was almost entirely inspired by the drama and strict conservative line of the royal wedding, this year brides have the freedom to dive into a rich variety of romance and chic, Boho elements and Victorian notes, lace dreams in a new reading, feathers and tulle , glitter and unconventional colors. The classics of traditional bridal dresses are decorated with an exotic bouquet of spicy and non-traditional fashion elements, bold design decisions and an explosion of passion and charm.


 The "WHITE BLOSSOM" Collection!

We have chosen the eclectic approach and tried to extract the essence of this explosive and electrifying fashion palette to create a truly magical collection that overlaps all the top trends in wedding dresses. The highest quality designer textiles, fine French laces, enchanting silk tulles, hand-embroidered Italian laces, mikado, delicate silk satins, pearls and Swarovski crystals are just some of the invaluable materials with which we created our fabulous masterpieces. "White Blossom" dresses bloom in front of you with a scent of white flower garden, softness, finesse, tenderness and romance. In them, however, you will also find the bold rebellious spirit of the brave, searching and rebellious lady with a bright personality - the one who always leaves a lasting mark with vision and presence.


Delicate femininity in bare shoulders - fallen sleeves will be an indisputable trend this wedding season. They emphasize femininity in an extremely stylish and unobtrusive way. That's why we borrowed this element and applied it in the production of some of our most stylish models. Darry and Eliz wedding dresses are the epitome of class and aristocracy. The minimalist approach and elegant silhouette tell a lot, but in a few words, which is the basis of the ability to influence and attract after yourself. If you are looking for an exquisite "Royal" look of a respectful and breathtaking Queen, this is your choice.

A dose of provocative chic with a bare back and V-neckline - two absolute constants in the world of wedding fashion. The deep neckline and bare back undoubtedly evoke sighs and catch the eye like a magnet. We also like to provoke and that's why we bet on bolder decisions for our fantastic wedding dresses. Amber dress is like a fabulous light sigh that floats through fluffy clouds. Fine lace, glittering crystals and a gorgeous train will envelop you in an angelic embrace to make you feel like in seventh heaven. No less captivating is the fabulous Cecile - made of exquisite Italian lace and studded with pearls, with an ethereal cloak of silk tulle, wear this charm and you will overshadow even fashion icons like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. And last but not least: the stunning Madison - a dress with character and message, with which you will shine like a Princess from the Victorian era. Mother-of-pearl, pearls and crystals dance a weightless waltz on a base of gorgeous French lace. Wear it on your wedding day to give a new definition of the term "Divine"!


Sophisticated glamor in transparent fabrics and corsets - let's face it, this technique, especially with regard to wedding dresses, is a double-edged sword. Transparent materials do not leave much to the imagination and are recommended mainly for bold and free of prejudices future brides with a bright personality. We created the amazing Nora and Mira designs just for them. Made of fine lace and silk tulle, they are light, comfortable and gentle as a fresh summer breeze. With them you have the feeling that you are stepping on sea waves, like a real siren. No less elegant and delightful, wedding dress Sandra will give you the same feeling of comfort, lightness and weightlessness. Disperse charm and seduction with these delightful patterns and do not be afraid to give freedom to your stormy spirit and temperament.


Playful feathers and 3D floral motifs for luxury - as a complete antipode of the above-mentioned style are coming the dresses with spectacular colored elements and feathers. They are perfect for the dream bride; for the romantic idealist lady who spreads the gifts of aesthetics, beauty and innocence all around her. Our dazzling dresses Kelly White and Pearl are real jewelry treasure. Made of Mikado and silk Italian lace, with 3D floral motifs and pearls, they will take you to the fairytales world of princesses and colorful paradise gardens. And Deborah will enchant you with the caress of white fluffy feathers, as if they flew from the wings of a celestial cherub.


Long sleeves and romantic boho style - long lace sleeves turn the idea of ​​romance into a more vintage and classic style. For fans of classic elegance and traditionalism, we have made several designer diamonds that will make you shine on your wedding day. Agatta wedding dress will turn you into the bride you have dreamed of being since you were a little girl. The long train, the Italian lace and the entirely handmade decoration will make you feel unique and unrepeatable on the most important day of your life. Caroline, in turn, will give you class and confidence. The exquisite silhouette and fine workmanship undoubtedly make her one of the most inspiring and aristocratic models in our collection. Not just a dress, but a real sonnet singing femininity is our wonderful creation Terra. 3D French lace and multi-layered silk tulle intertwine as if in a magical spell of exquisite fabrics to enchant you with unique beauty and elegance.


Green is the new black - along with the classic white, champagne, powder, ivory, cappuccino and soft pink, this wedding season is dominated by a surprising and unusual color touch: green in its softest and most delicate shades. Whether this is just a short-term experimental technique or whether we have a serious new player on the stage remains to be seen. But true to our innovative pursuits and striving to be in tune with the latest from the global fashion perspective, we created the lovely models Candy Mint and Melisa. Designed in the current color range, these silk dreams inlaid with Swarovski crystals will turn your wedding look into a total hit that will be talked about for a long time. Allow yourself to stand out with an unconventional, bold and modern wedding dress to stand out as a visionary woman who not only follows, but dictates new rules and imposes higher standards in the world of fashion.


With the collection of wedding dresses "White Blossom" we tried to create a premium selection of world-class clothes - a unique symbiosis of colorful and diverse styles, trends and messages, so that each bride recognizes herself in one of our priceless designer jewelry. We believe that the wedding day is unique and unique, just like you are. Welcome to us and give yourself a charming splendor, class, style and brilliant quality for a phenomenal wedding vision that will really suit you.