Why is the autumn/ winter wedding even better than the summer one?

The autumn/ winter wedding is the tale story of Snow White, the Ice Queen, the White Swan and a bunch of other amazing characters from your childhood dreams. In any of them to imagine, you can hardly have better seasons than autumn and winter to make that childhood dream come true! And we are here to present you the 3 most fabulously beautiful visions which are suitable for the autumn/ winter season. We promise that you will be elegant, sophisticated and fabulous!

Minimalism to the Max!
Minimalist dresses are for you if you love clean lines, elegant shapes and beautiful sophisticated details - in small doses. They are perfect for the autumn/ winter wedding season because they are unpretentious and at the same time easily combined with a beautiful warm cloak. As for the cut, which is at the center of everything here, it can vary through the A-line, Mermaid, and even Princess one.





  Megan Markle undoubtedly took this trend  to the next level with her completely clean Givenchy dress. She proved to everyone that long sleeves and clean silhouettes are not left in the past, in our grandmother's wardrobe, on the contrary!

They are the modern embodiment of the traditional wedding dresses of our mothers and grandmothers. And what is more beautiful and real than that?


The Perfect Illusion!
The "perfect illusion"? - so we jokingly call the latest reading of the most exquisite matter in bridal fashion - Her Majesty the Lace. While the traditional long-sleeved lace dress is tried and true, this type of dress will make you feel much more comfortable, airy and light. Combining delicately placed applications on illusory tulle that look skillfully embroidered on the body just like the haute couture dresses we all secretly dream of.

Stylish, elegant, impressive and beautiful, these dresses give you the strength of the Superhero Woman - our favorite and only muse!



A-line Magic!
The A-line gently descends along the thighs, gradually widening at the waist, showing more natural shapes, but hiding all the small imperfections that only we know about. This style goes very well with different neckline styles, fabrics and veils, so don't worry if you have already chosen the dreamed neckline.

A-lines, which are often confused with ball gowns, are part of our must-have list when preparing any new collection. Why? - Well, because they are our favorites!



A-line dresses are easier to move around, and the moderate volume is the perfect combination between comfort and our feeling of childhood princesses! Another big plus of the A-line is that it will cover your feet completely - that is, if necessary, you can always put on comfortable shoes, which are a must-have on the wedding day - especially in the second more fun part.