Custom made

Custom-made clothing is, as the name suggests, made according to your own unique measurements and you can be assured that the finished product will fit you greatly. All dresses which are made to order — they will be the only one of its kind!

Maison Estrella` s main designer, Iren Velkovski, will have a consultation with you after a pre - booked appointment before sketching the design and the subsequent process to make your dreams come true. Maison Estrella creates new patterns based on your particular measurements that makes your outfits truly one-of-a-kind designed just for you. The dressmaking process begins from the very beginning, finding high-quality fabric from the best European sources to provide you with optimal comfort and elegance. All dresses are created and sewn in our Maison Estrella` s studio with a lot of detailing attention and care.

Having a custom made dress created with couture techniques and quality fabric, not to mention handmade finishing for your garments/ outfits, but make you look unique and create a one of a kind expression of who you are.

General Terms

* The initial consultation to determine the design, style, and fabrics, is not going to be charged;
* A deposit to cover supplies such as fabrics is required upfront;
* 2-4 fittings are required before the garment to be completed, depending on the complexity of design;
* The final payment is made upon acceptance of the finished product.

Even if you are not local and can not see us physically, we can do all of the above processes even from long distance.

For more questions and concerns, please contact us via our contact form or phone number.